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Best Things To Do In Istanbul, Capital Of Turkey

With a mixture of European and Asian culture, Istanbul should be on your must-visit places where you can experience the contrasting nature of both the cultures! From important landmarks like the Blue Mosque to enjoying a luxurious scrub at a historic Hamam, Istanbul has a whole bunch of attractions to visit.
Sultanahmet, Istanbul
Istanbul is one of the most populous cities of Turkey, other than being the cultural and financial hub of the country!

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There are a lot of places to see in Istanbul to visit when on a trip, such as the Blue Mosque, the Hagia Sophia Museum, the Bosporus, the Galata Tower, the Grand Bazar and the like.

Things To Do In Istanbul

Visit Hagia Sophia

Once a church and a mosque, the place is now the most-visited museums in the world.
You can visit the museum to appreciate the mosaics, tiles, calligraphy and the Sultan's lodge.
Inside Hagia Sophia

Stroll at the Topkapi Palace

The palace which has about 4 lush green gardens, the royal Harem, a treasury storing the royal crown jewels, as well as the weapons room, is a beautiful attraction to visit!

Take a tour of the Galata Tower

With 9 stories of architectural beauty on cards coupled with a restaurant, a cafe, and a nightclub, a tour up the Galata should be on your list!

Visit the Blue Mosque

The fully functional mosque located in the old city, the Blue Mosque offers beautiful panoramic views of the city and also get a chance to view the beauty of Old Istanbul.
The blue interior walls of the mosque are a beauty to look at! You are allowed to pray at the mosque if you wear long pants (for men) and cover your head and shoulders (for women).

Inside Blue Mosque, Istanbul

Inside Blue Mosque, Istanbul
The Mihrab and Minber

Shop at the Grand Bazaar

With over 60 streets that have about 5000 shops, 60 restaurants, fountains, mosques and a school, shopping at Grand Bazaar is a treat for shopaholics!
Don't forget to bargain hard at the local shops that sell carpets, ceramics, souvenirs and jewellery!

Enjoy Tramride at Istiklal Avenue

The historic tram at the avenue that goes all the way to Taksim Square is an experience to cherish for a lifetime.
You can walk and explore the 1.4km pedestrian walkway to go to cinemas, boutiques, cafes and the like.

Enjoy the Nightlife

No trip to Istanbul can be complete without visiting the local clubs with live performances or dancing at the open-air venues by the Bosphorous!

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The Bosporus

The natural strait that forms the continental boundary between Asia and Europe, gives the required uniqueness to the city!
You can book Bosphorous Tour at any public and private cruises. Once on your cruise trip, you can see the waterfront houses, Palaces like the Topkapi, the Beylerbeyl, and the like.

Topkapi Palace Museum

The palace museum exhibits collection from the Ottoman Empire, with an extensive collection of books and manuscripts!
The noteworthy architecture and collection alongside the history and culture of the Ottoman Empire exhibited at the palace, is worth seeing!