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Best Places To Visit In California, USA

California, known as The Golden State, is undoubtedly a golden delight for a traveler.
The geographical diversities, amazing cities, and the delicious culinary scenes make it one of the best! The scenic parks, stunning shorelines, breathtaking rock formations, amazing beaches, and great vineyards; so much to offer!
Yosemite National Park
Definitely one of the most popular parks in the country, Yosemite offers beautiful waterfalls, Giant Sequoia groves, and breathtaking granite cliffs.
The Yosemite Falls is the fifth highest in the world and is a delight to watch!
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If you’re adventurous; you may try rock climbing, rafting, or choose to hike among the 800 miles of trails. You can simply relax and engage in fishing or bird-watching. Continue exploring the sites like Half Dome, Vernal Fall, and Glacier Point. Watching the starry sky is also one of the best activities here.
San Francisco
The whole city boasts of explicit vibe! Firstly, visit the renowned Golden Gate Bridge and the tranquil Golden Gate Park.
Visit the Chinatown section which is the largest outside of Asia. You can indulge in infinite activities like exploring in a cable car and enjoy the stunning bay views. Hayes valley is renowned for fancy restaurants and boutiques. Some neighboring towns you can check are Berkeley, Oakland, Marin County, and Pescadero.
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San Diego
San Diego is a perfect package of great weather, stunning architecture, amazing restaurants, and many activities. You may relax on the stunning white sand beaches; visit the San Diego Zoo and the Sea World Park, visit museums, and shop and eat till you drop!
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Los Angeles
Click a picture with the Hollywood sign and enjoy the Universal Studios theme park.
Not only as the heart and soul of Hollywood, Los Angeles is also the second largest city in the USA.
Shoppers can head to Rodeo Drive and Beverly Hills, where you may actually spot a celebrity.
Santa Monica is another attraction where you can enjoy several games and food.
Apart from that, visit the beautiful Venice Beach or Malibu.
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Lake Tahoe
Lake Tahoe is one of California’s natural wonders and is the second deepest lake in the US. It is surrounded by snowcapped mountains and breathtaking greenery.
There are several hiking trails that you may try; or else you can go for activities like boating and kayaking. You can also rent a houseboat for a stay and experience the beauty at ease. In winters, it’s famous for winter sports like skiing and snowboarding.
Big Sur
Big Sur is a 90-mile rocky stretch of the Californian Coastline. The famous Highway One goes around here and is very famous among people longing for a road trip.
The area boasts of beautiful beaches, stunning redwood trees, and great hiking opportunities.
At the southernmost point, Hearst Castle is located. The huge property is open as a museum for public.
Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks
These parks are located besides each other and are famous for the enormous sequoia trees found here. These trees grow more than 300 feet tall and their trunks are almost 100 feet wide.
Sequoia National Park boasts of the highest point – Mount Whitney. Similarly, Kings Canyon is famous as the deepest canyon in America. Apart from hiking, people can explore the wildlife here which includes bears, mountain lions, bobcats, and bighorn sheep.
Napa Valley
It’s a favorite destination for wine lovers. The wine here is definitely in the ‘best wines in the world’ list. You can also opt for a guided bike wine tour here.
It’s also famous for its cozy bed and breakfasts. Apart from that, it’s famous for amazing spas. Other activities here include taking a hot air balloon ride.
The neighboring Sonoma County is also known as the cheaper version of Napa. It also boasts of scenic parks and secluded beaches.
It’s located in the Mojave Desert and is regarded as the driest and lowest place in North America. But, not all is dull here! You can explore sand dunes and snow-capped mountains too. It consists of a few historic sites which you may explore.
Death Valley
Palm Springs
It’s a desert oasis with a stunning backdrop of San Jacinto Mountains and numerous palm trees.
The warm weather is ideal while you’re exploring the golf courses, museums, and the famous restaurants. There are great hiking trails just outside the city too. It also is famous for its amazing nightlife. You may actually spot celebs vacationing here.
Mammoth Lakes
Mammoth Lakes can’t be missed, especially in the fishing season. There are almost 100 lakes with various streams and creeks.
The crystal clear lakes, stunning hiking trails, beautiful pine forests, breathtaking valleys and meadows; make it one of the perfect locations. It’s also a winter paradise where cross-country skiing, ice-skating and snowboarding happen.
Catalina Island is a charming place, which is popular as a honeymoon and vacation destination.
Santa Barbara is a beach lover’s paradise and is perfect for relaxing. It also has many art galleries, cozy cafes, retail boutiques, and open-air markets.
Santa Cruz is another seaside charm and a surfing spot in Northern California. It definitely has a perfect bohemian vibe which makes it a paradise.
Anaheim is known as 'The Happiest place on Earth'. The major attraction here is the Disney-theme amusement park. It also has many hiking trails and lush landscapes which are perfect for picnics.
Humboldt County is an escape to our beautiful nature with redwood groves, great nature parks, amazing beaches, and amazing landscape.
Pfeiffer Beach is a unique beach because of its purple-colored sand. The manganese garnet particles wash down from the hillside and give that purple color.