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Best Beaches to Visit In Canada

A peaceful nation that has a good bonding with many other countries. Just as their good reputation it also has great season variety especially its cold winters, famous for its hockey worldwide, best education systems but most importantly Canada has some beautiful beaches.

Cobourg Beach

One of the best beaches in Canada with greater ambiance that just heals your soul. One of the well maintained beach with absolute clear water.

Long Beach

Long Beach

Situated at the western coast of Vancouver Island, Long beach is a best surfing and picnic spot. One of the best beaches in British Columbia that soothes you with its natural aspects.

Manitou Beach

Manitou Beach is said to be the Dead Sea of Canada. The visual appearance of the beach wont make you fall in love with the place but water in the lake surely will. People there say that there are curative properties in the water that can even cure diseases such as smallpox.

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Outlet Beach

Outlet Beach

A very long and beautiful beach with proper facilities like washrooms, parking and kids changing room. A beautiful place where you can enjoy making sand castles.

Singing Sands Beach

Basin Head Provincial Park has a Singing sand beach, the sand on the beach makes squishy sound when proper force is applied to it. A perfect place to preserve your solitude.

Skaha Beach

Skaha Beach

Best beach for a romantic walk, to enjoy with your friends around a bonfire or just watch your kids play around. In Penticton's annual peachfest the beach looks like an art as there is sand art competition. 

Wasaga Beach

This beach has been popular among many tourists due to its water quality and sand and sun.