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Beautiful Things to See in New Orleans, Louisiana, USA.

Explore the city located on Mississippi River and experience the round-the-clock nightlife, energetic live-music, historic cemeteries, exotic wildlife, late winter carnivals, and the unique tasty Orleans food.

French Quarter

Visit the historic heart of the city also known as the Crown Jewel of New Orleans. Enjoy the great mixture of new and old culture, history, and entertainment. Savoring the delicious traditional cuisine in the old restaurants from the 19th century is a pleasing treat here.

Jackson Square

Jackson Square is the National Historic Landmark of New Orleans. Explore the park where many artists display their art in the open-air artist colony.

St. Louis Cathedral Church

Historians must visit this incredible historic landmark of New Orleans. The oldest church in America has become world-famous giving recognition to the city.

City Park

If nature and greenery enchant you then you must visit this oldest urban park that offers picturesque views of the garden, historic Oaks, and the antique wooden carousel making it one of the favorite spots in New Orleans.

Bourbon Street

Enjoy the excitement while experiencing the energized nightlife the oldest Bourbon Street that is lit by neon lights. Historic venues and iconic buildings make it a must-visit destination on the tour to New Orleans.

Audubon Zoo

Visit the Audubon zoo with the rarest exotic animals. The unique wildlife includes elephants Jean and Panya, the Komodo dragon and a rare white tiger from California, and the world-famous white alligators. You can also watch bears, snakes, orangutans, elks, and many more.

National WWII museum

A must-visit destination for history lovers and all patriots. Powerful images and extraordinary artifacts reveal the history from the 1930s before starting the war, to the Normandy Attack and the battles of the Pacific Islands.

Oak Alley Plantation

Enjoy strolling in this beautiful historic 25 acres of plantation. Tour to the historically elegant Big House with a guide wearing the period dress.

St. Louis Cemetery No 1

The oldest and most popular cemetery in New Orleans. This is the place where the Above-Ground tomb tradition was started.

Mardi Gras

New Orleans is also famous for its Mardi Gras carnival that is celebrated in late winter. It is fun to watch the rowdy costumed parades and street parties.
Discovering New Orleans will give you everything from its History, Culture, Wildlife, Nightlife, and Fun. It’s worth visiting once.