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10 Must See Beaches Of Goa

Beaches of Goa are the major tourist attraction. Moon glow-gold walk down the beach, adventure sports, party & nightlife, mystical sunrise & sunsets, sea food with drinks, cool breezes, crashing waves, massage & Yoga..... and there is no such thing that you cant do in Goa.

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Sinquerim Beach

A small yet charming beach across Candolim beach stretch & Aguada Fort. The beach has some of the largest resorts in Goa. It’s not often you get to see a sunrise-gold beach.

Betul Beach

I dont want to flatter you all with my words, but isn't this the view you would die to witness. Betul beach is like the smallest but extremely beautiful beach.

Condolim Beach

Although its looks like any other beach, Condolim Beach is the most frequently visited by tourists specially by couples on their honeymoon. Condolim beach is quite peaceful than other beaches. It has snowy touch & amusements options all around.

Morjim Beach

Beautiful and Serene are the words that describes Morjim beach. Its a paradise for all the artists with its sky changing colors & exceptional sunrise & sunset views & turtle nestling.

Baga Beach

Smooth sands, blue-green sea water, dancing waves & cool breeze is what you witness at Baga Beach which is the most happening beach in Goa. Starting from Fine dinning restaurants, to water sports, shacks of rocks, bar & clubs, its has everything you want.

Vagator Beach Goa

Vagator beach is famous for its charismatic cliff, white sand, black rocks & fresh water springs. It is famous for its Rave parties with western backpackers all around.

Calangute Beach

Calangute Beach is surely your way to heaven. It is a perfect tourist retreat with Coconut and Palm trees line along the shore. There are many sun beds and umbrellas to relax. It is also know for its nightlife.

Anjuna Beach

Again, I swear it is one of the most beautiful view i have came across. Dont you just want to go there & never let the memories go off your mind. Anjuna Beach is famous amongst back-packers & hippies.

Arambol Beach

Arambol beach attracts a lot of international tourists. There are weekend flea markets, yoga & drum sessions, mystical baba's, paragliding, literally everything for each different soul.