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An Ultimate Travel Guide To Visit Blue Mountains In Australia

The Blue Mountains are a mountainous region and a mountain range located in New South Wales, Australia. The Blue Mountains get their name from the natural blue haze created by a chemical reaction between the tiny droplets of oil from the eucalyptus trees mixed with the mist and Sunshine. It is one of the most dazzling natural attractions of Australia.
Blue Mountains are mystical and breathtaking. It is one of the oldest natural valleys of the world. The mountains are home to expansive flora and fauna like eucalyptus trees that covers most part of the mountains. More than 40 endangered species of wildlife are known noted in the Blue Mountains. It is only 90 minutes from Sydney by car and 2 hours by train.
Cable car ride is the most popular attraction of the Blue Mountains. The cable car covers view of the beautiful Three Sisters cliff, Katoomba Falls and the Mount Solitary. The cable car is famous for being the steepest ascent in the world.
The Three Sisters is one of the most visited sites in the Blue Mountains. This dramatic rock formation is best seen from Echo Point Lookout, however you can also get up close on a walking trail to the top of the Three Sisters via Honeymoon Bridge.
Jenolan Caves, Jenolan
Jenolan Caves are known as the world’s oldest caves. One can explore crystal limestone formations, stalactites, stalagmites and the underground river with high chances of spotting wildlife such as kangaroos and platypus. This must visit tour ends with lunch in one of there restaurants and bar.
The Blue Mountains Botanic Garden features some of the best of the plant species in the Blue Mountain National Park. The botanic garden is most stunning in the spring when the flowers are all in their glory. The garden is also a venue for a few heritage exhibitions. It is the best spot for picnic.
Often overlooked by tourists, Katoomba Falls is a beautiful segmented waterfall located between Echo Point and Scenic World in the Blue Mountains. A short but picturesque circuit walk starting at Scenic World guides you through lush rainforest all the way to the waterfall with panoramic views of Jamison Valley.
Wentworth Falls, one of the Blue Mountain attraction is for thrill seekers who can enjoy nature as much as the adrenaline rush. The Wentworth Falls gets its source of water from Jamison Valley. It is a three-step waterfall and have 200 steps to reach top.
Blue mountain mystery tours give a new perspective on the Blue Mountains and teach you about geology, ancient myths, Aboriginal stories, flora, fauna, and the odd ghost story.
Govetts Leap at Blackheath is one of the most breathtaking views within the entire region. It is easily accessible by car and one of the most Scenic wilderness region of The Blue Mountains. With a blue horizon of eucalyptus trees that appear to stretch on forever, expect to be enchanted by the natural beauty of the Blue Mountains World Heritage Area. 
The Blue Mountains is a magical place any time of the year. Glowing in autumn, cool in winter, colourful in spring and refreshing in summer. 
The Greater Blue Mountains was inscribed on the World Heritage List. Its habitats includes Wet and dry sclerophyll forest, Mallee heathlands, Localised swamps, Wetlands, and Grasslands. Camping, mountain bike trails, Hop-on-Hop bus tour, six foot track and art galleries are some other tourist attractions of Blue Mountains.