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Amazing Rupin Pass Trek - Surprises In Scenery Every Hour

Rupin Pass is a high altitude trek which starts from Dhaula in Uttarakhand and ends at Sangla. This is a one of the most unique trek in Himalayas, as mother nature gives surprises in scenery every hour by number of variety. This trek will take you through a journey of some of the most unexplored parts.
First day of journey starts from Deharadun, almost 8 hours lead to Dhaula. Route is full of pleasant sights of Himalayan ranges and flowing Yamuna river and alluring villages.
The journey from Dehradun to Dhaula passes through the towns of Mussoorie and the villages of Nainbagh, Damta, Naugaon, Purola and Mori. The charming Mori village is famous as the valley of meadows of marigold flowers.
Colorful small hotels, along the trail, refill your energy to your exhausted body. Colors of there facade with mountain backdrop are picturesque. No one can avoid these attractive stalls.
Actual trek starts from Dhaula to Sewa on Day 2. Thought trek is long, its an easy walk on undulating paths till Sewa. 
As you keep on ascending, you get a stunning view of Majestic Himalayan (Shivalik) ranges. Once you experience grandeur of Himalayas with close encounter, they become addiction for you. These paths always takes you to the state of enlightenment.
We get a spectacular view of PIne and Oak tree forest, steep cliffs, the river Rupin jumping over the stones throughout the trek from Sewa to Jakha on Day 3
Sewa to Jhaka trek is not easy. The initial climb is steep and it progressively gets steeper with intermittent descents.
A view of a valley that you see enroute.
After a moderate ascent till Jiskun there will be a slight descending trail. You can find a wooden bridge between the dense forest. The route magically gets ascending in zig-zag fashion from the bridge. There are many tea shops on the way for refreshments. Jhakha camp-sight is awestruck.
Next trek route is from Jhaka to Saruwas thatch. Natural beauty of this trail is filled with astonishment. It starts off with a steep ascent which slowly leads into the wide valley. You can find Bhoj Trees on the way. After a while, a narrow trail ascends through the mountains and leads to you campsite through a lush green patch dotted with rocks.
Next day trail starts from Saruwas Thatch to Dhanderas Thatch with full of natural beauty. Initially, the trail is rocky and includes moraine. 
A snow bridge over the thundering Rupin.
Enjoy the gentle undulating walk to the first hurdle of your trek: a snow bridge over the thundering Rupin. Abruptly, it opens out to a wide expansive valley with waterfalls trickling and thundering down from all side and you will walk on a green carpet adorn with blue, purple, green, yellow and white flowers.
Longest trail of Rupin Pass begins with a steep ascent to glorious Upper waterfall and Rupin Pass via Rati Pheri. The only views from Rati Pheri are of the expanse of thick snow stretched all over. 
Trek to Rupin Pass from upper waterfall is  grueling due to walk in thick snow and a steep ascendant. But is is very exciting part of trek. The trail to Rupin pass is short but very uncertain and has risks of loose stones falling from above.
One must take utmost care here as the snow is very thick and the trails are not clearly defined.  You can see views of the mighty Himalayas including Kinner Kailash range and those near to Charang La.
After a small rest at Rupin pass unwind and start descending. Trek for a couple hours and arrive at Ronti Gad pastures.
After a long day, retire for the night in tents. Next day trail is a downward climb but very arduous as the trail’s altitude drops rapidly. You can experience astounding views of Mt. Kinner Kailash enroute. Reach the Sangla Kanda Lake and enjoy the magnificent sights. From lake take a trail of blue pine to reach Sangla which is end destination of trek.