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Amazing One Day Trek To Largest Torna Fort Near Pune And Mumbai

Torna Fort, also known as Prachandagad, is a large fort located in Pune district. In 1646, Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj captured this fort at the age of 16. It is historically significant because it was first fort of Maratha Kingdom. Trekking here is fun and also the fort has its own ancient feel to it. It is a great trekking destination near Pune and Mumbai.
There are various routes to reach top of Torna Fort. Most popular and traditional trek starts from Vellhe Village near Pune. It too almost 3 hours t reach top. Trek route pass though dense forest, steeping slope and finally small boulder climbing.
Trek route passes through dense bushes initially leads to steep slope.
At some places in forest, barricades are kept for protection from deep valley.
After finishing forest route, there is a steep slope which leads to a long plateau before final climb. This steep slope is simple in climbing but need lot of stamina. After covering around 60% of the hike, the trek gets pretty steep and for safety, railings are installed on the edges of the trek path.
This is a long plateau with a beautiful landscape in backdrop before final climb. Route can be seen from the top. View Bhtghar dam and Sahyadri ranges from top is one of the most beautiful and splendid landscape. This stunning view makes trekking memorable .
Torna is one of the most favored treks around Pune. Being the tallest mountain of Pune district, this trek becomes a challenging one. From here the climb ahead was a bit tougher due to two rock patch. Be careful in rainy season. There are some broken barricades on this rock patch for support. But one must not relay on that.
View of trek route from Vellhe from top
Challenging small rock patch for final climb to reach top of fort.
After climbing those rock patches, a rock wall with small waterfall gives a good relief. This is a small rest point for all trekkers.
Finally we reach to Binni Door, the first entrance door of Torna fort.
After crossing Binni door, climb some steps to reach tow rock tower which leads to Konkan Door to enter Torna Fort.
Konkan Darwaja (Door) is main entrance to Torna fort.
On Torna fort, there are many historical landmarks to visit. A long flag (Dhwaj Sthambha) welcomes is standing on rock plinth.
This route takes visitors from Dhwaja Sthambha towards Zunjar machi, which is biggest attraction of Torna fort.
Zunjar Machi is most popular attraction of Torna fort. This is very beautiful and picturesque structure. This is delightful wonders of sculpture architecture.
A Mengha Devi temple, also referred to as the Tornaji temple, is situated near the entrance of the fort.
On the backside of Menghai Devi temple, there are two water ponds which are named as Menghai Water pond. On the backdrop of these water-pond, one can view picturesque landscape.
Way to Budhala Machi and small rock pinnacle in western part of Torna fort. This is most difficult and rigorous part of Torna fort trekking. This little adventurous route also leads to Rajagd.
Budhala Machi with small pinnacle on western end of Torna fort.. This is a little difficult route but gives epic scenic beauty. Some trekkers avoid to go to the end of this place. But one must not miss this magnificent experience.
Budhala Machi - one of the most mesmerizing part of Torna fort trekking
View of stunning Rajgad Fort, first capital of Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj, from Zunjar Machi.
Google map of Torna fort describing all places on top of fort.
Torna Fort Trek:

About Torna fort :-
Height: 4,603 ft

Grade: Medium Difficult

Region: Bhor

Base: Velhhe Village