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Amazing Lantern Festival At The Montreal Botanical Garden, Canada

Lantern festival of Montreal Botanical Garden inspired by Chinese tradition is one of the major attraction. Glittering lanterns of various shapes illuminate the Chinese Garden and the eyes of thousands of visitors who come to enjoy the magical spectacle.
These handmade lanterns are created by artists from Shanghai. This marvelous decor uses green technology to light the lantern.
One of the best times of the year to visit the Montreal botanical garden is during the annual Gardens of Light event, which takes place in fall and sees the grounds lit up spectacularly.

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In Autumn, the Chinese Garden displays its traditional lanterns and shares with you a fabulous tale, the Japanese Garden leads you along a meditative illuminated path inspired by the seasons, and the First Nations Garden features an intense multimedia experience that lets you feel the beating heart of the Cycle of Life.
Marvelous lantern festival at Montreal botanical Garden, Canada.
Various sculpture at lantern festival of Montreal botanical garden.
Paper lantern in shape of Phoenix bird.