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A Travel Guide To Surfing Town Tofino, BC, Canada

Tofino is a surfing capital of British Columbia on Vancouver islands. Sandy beaches with year-round surfing facilities include Cox Bay, Chesterman Beach and popular Long Beach, part of the Pacific Rim National Park Reserve are popular tourist destination of Tofino, BC, Canada.
Tofino is a remote, and small but a developed destination for cherishing and protecting unique natural surroundings. Here, one can explore the natural beauty, play in the ocean, and relax at a seaside resort.
Surfing, storm watch in winter, hiking trails and wildlife are major attraction here.
Pacific Rim National Park Reserve is most poplar area of Tofino is a rainforest of ancient trees. A 16-kilometre Long Beach is the biggest attraction of the area. The park has wonderful hiking trails and long stretches of empty beach.
Hiking through Old-Growth Forest to Beaches and Coves is round year activity in Pacific Rim National Park of Tofino. Winter is the best season for hikers. This forests here contain some of the oldest documented trees in Canada. These spectacular hikes are short but very intresting.
Hike through Old Growth Forest
The most popular attraction of Pacific Rim National Park and the Tofino area is the 16 kilometre Long Beach. A quite flat and wide beach is perfect place for walking. A large rock island, Incinerator Rock, is renown attraction of Long Beach. This is also famous for surfing and hiking.
Walk On a Long Beach
Ariel view of Pacific Rim National Park Reserve - Long Beach Unit
Tofino is one of the top destinations for surfing in Canada because of its endless beaches and persistent waves. You can surf here year-round.
Go Surfing

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Several different beaches provide surfing lessons for beginners.Many of the beachfront resorts will also arrange surf lessons for you.
Long Beach and Chesterman Beach are some of the most popular
There are various surf shop, lessons, and rentals surf boards on several beaches.
Kayak around Clayoquot Sound is one more popular activity in Tofino
Storm Watch in Winter
In late fall or Winter, this is huge spectacular of nature. Storms and huge waves upto 6 m attract photographers and nature lovers here in Tofino. It is also a great time of year to enjoy a romantic getaway.
Sunset beach are picturesque in Tofino. A long walk gives best pleasure and makes you stress free.
A Whale watching tour is must do activity on your visit to Tofino. you can see gray whales quite regularly in water around Tofino.
Bear Watching Tour
Canada's most iconic animal, black bears are plenty in Tofino. They can be easily spotted along the shores in low tide.
Visit Eagle Aerie Gallery which exhibits the colorful painting of Roy Henry Vickers.
Tofino Botanical Gardens is also a must visit place in Tofino. It is a great combination nature and art with beautiful wooden sculptures.