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A Travel Guide To Germany, Europe

Welcome to Deutschland!!
If you are planning a trip to a place that has the best of both worlds, I would suggest you to visit 'Germany'
A country worth exploring with metropolitan cities and countryside adventure, this place is full of experiences.
Germany embodies 16 states having its uniqueness. Some cities are famous for their historic preserves, some for their old town appeal.
With forests, castles, museums, Germany has a lot in store for its tourists.
Being a central European country, Germany has a good network of transport, be it local or international. You can reach here easily and categorize your trip according to what the cities have to offer you.
To plan your trip worth remembering, we have gathered the information for you to consider while choosing the city of your dreams in Germany. 
1. Berlin
The capital of Germany, Berlin has some cosmopolitan vibes to it. It is home to beautiful architectural masterpieces.
Famous in art, culture, and festivals, Berliners love to enjoy their festivals with full pomp and show.
Some of the places to add in your list are Brandenburg Gate, Berlin Wall, Reichstag, Museumsinsel, Alexanderplatz, Unter den Linden & Berlin Zoo.
2. Bavaria
From the scenic views of the Alps, decorated with ice, Bavaria is a commix city of old town medieval feel and modern touch.
Toping the list of every traveler, Munich, the capital of Bavaria is a must-visit place.
If you happen to be in Munich around the famous Octoberfest, then you are in for a treat!!
Some hit list places to go to in Bavaria:-
1. Bavarian Alps
2. Nuremberg
3. Neuschwanstein Castle
4. Burghausen Castle
5. Zugspitze
You can also explore the national parks, turquoise colored rivers, and lakes, museums, gardens, parks, or a beautiful road trip.
3. Frankfurt
Well-known as a Finance capital of Germany, Frankfurt is another wanderlust favorite. Situated on banks of the Main River, Frankfurt has skyscraping buildings depicting the modern culture.
You can explore Frankfurt by going to these places:-
1. Romerberg
2. Museumsufer
3. Main Tower
4. Goethe House
5. Palm Garden
6. St Bartholomew’s
For more details and insight into the places in Frankfurt, please refer to the link below:-
4. Hamburg
Hamburg is known to be Germany's largest port, located on Elbe River. Maintaining its uniqueness of medieval heritage, Hamburg is famous for its commerce and economic expertise. 
Also called by the name 'Gateway to the World' Hamburg, is bustling with beautiful locations, shopping places, restaurants, and cafes. 
Surely, Hamburg is an attraction that no traveler can deny.
Don't forget to add these places to your list while visiting Hamburg.
1. The Port Of Hamburg 
2. St. Michael’s Church
3. Rickmer Rickmers
4. The Reeperbahn
5. Miniatur Wunderland
6. Kunsthalle Hamburg
7. Mönckebergstraße
8. International Maritime Museum
Welcome to Dresden. The place where exhibits Sistine Madonna painting, the place where originated the art of making porcelain, and home to famous baroque church - Frauenkirche.
5. Dresden
Dresden, also known as Florence of the Elbe, is the most beautiful city in eastern Germany. Lavish baroque architecture complementing the aura of Dresden, it is commendable how after WWII, the city resurrected itself so beautifully. The Church of our Lady - Frauenkirche is one such example. 
Places to look for in Dresden:-
1. Church of our Lady - Frauenkirche
2. Zwinger Palace
3. Brühlsche Terrassen
4. Dresden’s Green Vault (Grünes Gewölbe)
 5. Semper Opera
6. Leipzig
The major industrial center of Germany, Leipzig, is a significant city from the commercial perspective. Leipzig is the very place where Bach created its masterpieces.
The cultural richness, commercial augmentation, has given Leipzig notable fame.
Interesting Fact -
'Bayerischer Bahnhof' - Europe’s oldest operating train station is in Leipzig.
Know before you go... 
 Visit the link below to know about the places in Leipzig.
The list of the cities & gorgeous towns is endless. But to make sure that you have all that you need before you plan your trip to Germany, here are some more suggestions for the cities that you can incorporate in your travel plans.
1. Rothenburg
2. Heidelberg
3. Essen
4. Düsseldorf
5. Cologne
More cities to explore!!
How to reach Germany by Air?
You can book your flight tickets according to the place of your convenience.
  • Hamburg (HAM),
  • Berlin-Tegel (TXL),
  • Munich (MUC), 
  • Frankfurt (FRA), 
  • Dôsseldorf (DUS), 
  • Cologne (CGN), 
  • Stuttgart (STR)
International Airports in Germany
Are you planning a trip via train?
 Consider these tracks in Germany before planning your trip.
1. EuroCity Trains
2. Deutsche Bahn
3. The TGV
4. The Thayls
Rail routes in Germany...
If you happen to savor your taste buds with some luscious delicacies, here is the list of famous dishes in Germany that you can taste.!!
1. Sauerbraten (Roast Beef Stew) 2. Schweinshaxe (Pork Knuckle) 
3. Bratwurst (Grilled Sausage)
4. Kartoffelpuffer (Potato Pancake)
5. Kartoffelkloesse (Potato Dumplings)
6. Spätzle – Traditional Swabian Egg Noodles
Menu card please...
Now when it comes to food, why not choose from the best options of restaurants in Germany
1. Marjellchen, Berlin
2. Delhi 6 Indisches Restaurant, Berlin
3. Ratskeller Munchen, Munich
4. Caramba Especial, Hamburg
Thinking about your stay? Finding hotels in Germany? Here is a list of top hotels in Germany.   
1. Superbude Hotel, Hamburg
2. The Westin Grand, Munich
3. Hotel Am Steinplatz, Berlin
4. Jumeirah, Frankfurt
5. Art Hotel, Heidelberg
With this travel guide, you will not get lost being in Germany but would find your dreams come to life.
As they say, 'Life is short but the World is wide'!!