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A Guide To A Trekking To Sandhan Valley - The Valley Of Shadow

Sandhan valley is one of the greatest canyons in the Sahyadri mountain ranges. It is a very good combination of a canyon and a valley. It is located near Ratangad in Ahmednagar district of Maharashtra state, India. Water carved valley is 200 feet deep and about two kms long approximately. It is also popular as valley of shadows or valley of suspense.
Walking through the narrow streak of valley with 200 ft rock walls on both the sides is a awesome lifetime experience.

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Adventure activities like valley crossing and rappleing is one of the most popular attraction of Sandhan Valley
At some places, width of gorge is less than 3 feet and at some places sun rays unable to even reach the ground. To reach end of gorge you have to cross 2 water pools. In winter water is up to waist and in summer it is up to knee high level. Walking through water pools & a river bed trek is one of the greatest experience for trekkers.
At the end of valley you get magnificent view of high cliffs and deep valleys. You have to rappel down 
At some places in Sandhan valley, sun rays unable to even reach the ground. Which gives it’s the name valley of shadows.
It is also a valley of suspense. Beautiful rainbow sometime is seen at the bottom of rock walls.
Valley crossing through this the greatest canyons is most splendid experience of Sandhan Valley.

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Descent towards the Sandhan valley through rappeling will make for a memorable outing