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5 Most Popular Churches Of Goa Representing Its Glorious Past

If you are planning a vacation in Goa for fun then your visit would truly be incomplete without visiting some of its monumental churches. Though Goa is most popular city India for fun and vacation, it is also recognized as Roam of East. Churches of Goa are architectural masterpieces which represents the Portuguese legacy in India.
Basilica of Bom Jesus
Basilica of Bom Jesus, oldest churches of Goa, is a marvel of baroque architecture. This 16th-century church is a UNESCO Heritage site and contains the casket of St. Francis Xavier resting in the mausoleum at the top. His body is miraculously preserved in top condition for over 400 years. Experience peace and a heavenly calm near its opulent altar.
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Church of Saint Cajetan
Another famous church of North Goa is the Church of St. Cajetan, which is a most beautiful monument, said to be modelled ion the St. Peter’s Basilica, in the Vatican City. It is built with laterite blocks under Corinthian style of architecture and Baroque style carvings. This church impressively portrays the majestic Portuguese Era.
Church of Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception
Church of Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception is situated in Altinho, Panajim and built in 1609. The church has a simple and elegant exterior with a double flight of symmetrical stairs. A fine example of Baroque architecture, this church also has the second largest bell in Goa which is a main attraction of Church.
Church of St Francis of Assisi
This impressive Roman Catholic church was built by the Portuguese in 1661, and is located in Velha, Old Goa. The interiors of church are finely inlaid with ornaments, the carved woodwork and frescos. Statues of the Christ, Statue of the  St. Francis of Assisi, paintings depicting his life are also exquisite attraction of Church.
Se Cathedral Church:

Se Cathedral is among the largest of all churches and convents of Goa. It has Portuguese-Manueline style of architecture with Tuscan exteriors and Corinthian interiors. It was built in 1640 to commemorate the victory of Portuguese rule over India.The church is dedicated to St. Catherine and has the Great Golden Bell.
Se Cathedral Church:

Se Cathedral church has the Great Golden Bell. The church has received the ‘Golden Rose’ from the Pope, as a mark of reverence. The church is located in Velha and open on all days of the week from 7.30 in the morning to 6 in the evening. The church has no rules regarding photography.  A walking tour with Cholta Cholta is recommended.