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12+ Best Things To See In Peru, South America

Peru, is among those very few countries that has diverse ecosystem. You get to see beaches and also desserts, Amazon River and also the Amazon jungle, different cultures and traditions and what not.
Machu Picchu
Machu Picchu, situated on more than 7,000 feet above sea level, is a citadel set in the Andes Mountains. UNESCO World Heritage Site, Machu Picchu is an symbol of the Incan Empire that attracts over half a million tourists every year.
Huayna Picchu
Exactly behind the Machu Picchu is this huge mountain,Huayna Picchu. This is a treat for hikers, the view from the top of an ancient city is magical. The hike is difficult but worth the climb.
Colca Canyon
A well know trekking destination and billed as the world's deepest river canyon, Colca Canyon. The canyon has an intense hike trail but gives you a breathtaking experience. The main attraction here is the rare Andean condor (largest bird in the world considering its wingspan).
Moray, with terraced circular depressions is an archaeological site in Peru. This beautiful site has ruins of Inca ruins, the largest among the other Inca sites.
Plaza De Armas De Lima
Well known as the birth place of Lima situated at the heart of the city of Lima city, Plaza De Armas De Lima  enormous main plaza. The plaza is surrounded by Cathedral Lima, Government Palace of Peru, Municipal Palace, and Cocoa Museum. There are various events that are carried out in this plaza frequently.
Puka Pukara
A site of military ruins that was strategically build in those days. This place was a control center and part of the Inca Trail.
Located in Cusco, Qorikancha was the most important temple of the Inca Empire. A sacred place where the people worshiped the Inca Sun God, Inti. The place stands out for its beautiful architecture and the temple were originally covered with pure gold but later demolished.
Sacred Valley
Sacred Valley also known as Río Urubamba Valley is a great place to acclimatize to the altitude in Cusco. The valley has a great cultura and a rich history.
Salcantay means the 'Savage Mountain' is the highest peak in the Vilcabamba mountain range. A trail that is less crowed and treats your eyes with picturesque settings and a good chance to see wildlife such as deer, chinchillas, and spectacled bears.
Inca ruins of Saqsaywaman was used as a storage for arms, armour, foodstuffs, valuable textiles, ceramics, metal tools, and precious metals of the Incas, it was also had a temple of Sun god, Inti. Climb at the top to get the marvelous view of the Cuzco below.
A place where the water did not stop flowing till date, an amazing achievements of the Incas. This is a place where the Inca's rested and got re-energized.
Taquile Island
Enough of the ruins! Peru offers us with Taquile Island, an island with interesting inhabitants, clear blue lake waters and distant snow-capped mountains.