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12+ Amazing Places To Visit In Bhutan, South Asia

Bhutan is a South Asian country that is still out of this world, as there are no traffic lights, things like tobacco are illegal and the most important thing here is maintaining their peace.
Paro Taktsang
Built in 1692, Paro Taktsang, is a  prominent Himalayan Buddhist sacred site. This sacred place has a huge 
respect among the pilgrimages in the Himalayan.
Punakha Dzong
Punakha Dzong is the second oldest and second-largest dzong in Bhutan. This fortress is beautiful and majestic among all the Dzong in the country. The wooden bridge, the river around it, the trees , the reddish brown and white colour of the structure adds all the beauty to the place.
Punakha Suspension Bridge
Finest tourist attraction of Bhutan,Punakha Suspension Bridge. Do visit when you are in Punakha as it gives you a surreal experience of the river flowing beneath the bridge, deep gorges, mountains surrounded around.
Buddha Dordenma
In the mountains of Bhutan there is this enormous statue of Shakyamuni Buddha, Great Buddha Dordenma. This tallest statue of Buddha in the world was constructed to commemorate the anniversary of fourth king of Bhutan. This sacred site by the Buddhists houses a total of 1,25,000 smaller Buddha statues inside it.
Changangkha Lhakhang
Oldest Lhakhang (the house of gods)  in Thimphu where the new born are brought after 3 days to seek blessings from the protective deity of children that resides in this temple. The history and view from the temple both are mindblowing.
Chele La
At an altitude of 3988mt the Chele La 
pass is situated, highest motor able 
point in Bhutan. This pass is famous 
as  it offers you with a spectacular 
panoramic view of the snow cladded 
Himalayan Mountain Range.
Chimi Lhakhang
Temple famous throughout Bhutan also known as the 'Fertility Temple' Built in the 14th century this temple induces fertility for all the visitors who come here wishing for a child. The saint in the temple is said to have the Magical Thunderbolt Of Wisdom.
Drukgyel Dzong
Drukgyel Dzong now in ruins was a 
majestic fortress. Though you cannot enter the Dzong but can witness the 
pleasing backdrop of Chomolhari 
Gangtey Monastery
Also known as Gangtey Gonpa or Gangtey Monastery, is an important oldest 
school of Buddhism, among the four 
major schools of Tibetan Buddhism. You'all fall in love with the Gangtey valley and this prominent colourful monastery.
Kyichu Lhakhang
One of the oldest temple of Bhutan  built in around 7th century. All your  wishes can be fulfilled here is what it  is said. Fruit trees around temple,  valley, makes it a must visit trip to the  temple.
National Museum of Bhutan
Situated in Paro, National Museum of Bhutan is a cultural museum that  possesses over 3,000 works of  Bhutanese art. The structure of the  museum is unique but the view that it offers is even more unique.
Tashichho Dzong
This fort is a working fort where the 
administration carry out their day to  day functions. You can visit this  majestic architecture can be visited  after the administration work is done. Everything in this huge palace is  beautiful like the Buddha's 12 years  statue and Monks houses.
Thimphu Chorten
Thimphu Chorten
The Memorial Stupa is one of the most iconic monument. This stupa is different then many other stupas as it does not enshrine human remains. Good scenic view from inside with richly carved annexes facing the four directions, and contain mandalas, and statues.