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10+ Topmost Hiking Places in Canada

Hiking is an wonderful outdoor activity and fills you up with great experiences. Canada has a treat of trails for hikers from coast to coast. Some trails give us incredible view, making Canada a country in the world for hiking.

Cape Breton Island

Cape Breton is house for hikers as it provides you with simple to challenging hikes. Amidst the island there are 5 best hikes you must see
  • Skyline Trail
  • Fishing Cove Tail
  • Middle Head Trail
  • Franey Trail
  • Acadian Trail
The Crack, Killarney park, Ontario
Premier trail not only of Killarney park but also of Ontario. The Crack in every season offers you beautiful scenic pleasure, the trail gets its name as the mountain has a huge crack in it. Definitely one of a challenging trail but offers you with a view of white rock mountains and amazing inland lakes.
Banff Hike
Famous in the world for its vast white glaciers, turquoise lakes, its evergreen forests, its incredible wildlife a treat for hikers as well as nature lovers. Location of Banff in Canadian Rocks is astounding,  makes you fall in love with Banff but also with Canada.
Mount Assiniboine
Though everyone knows about the Mount Assininoine but a very few know about the route leading to it. This pyramid shaped beauty is at times known as ' The Matterhorn of the Rockies', just because the way Matterhorn represents the Swiss Alps exactly the same way Mount Assiniboine represents the Canadian Rockies.

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Hiking at the Mount Assiniboine
Plain of Six Glaciers
Treating you with different scenery while you hike up to the Six Glaciers. With lot many efforts you go up the Plain of Six Glacier and it serves you with the best picturesque view, large open area where you can overlook the entire hike and lake Louise.
West Coast Trail
A 7 days backpacking trail also known as Dominion Lifesaving Trail, it needs proper preparation and advance planning as it is a 7 days difficult trail. The trail journey itself is amazing, one day walking on white sandy beach to next day walking through mind blowing dense forest.
Algonquin Park
With lots of wild life, lakes, rivers Algonquin Park is most favourite of many hikers, as it allows everyone  to witness its natural beauty with its few kilometres to multi-day treks. The best trail among the park are Centennial Ridges, The Track and Tower, beaver ponds and the lookout trail.
Fundy Trail
Fundy is more than just a hiking trail, it soothes your soul with view of spectacular coastal cliffs. Craved out  of Fundy Escarpment, the trail is the only remaining coastal wilderness area between Florida and Labrador. A absolute treat to eyes and soul as the park has almost more than 15 outstanding scenic views.